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Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Simple Dashboard, Easy Functionality, Modular Approach, Extended Support and Multi-Currency

Powerful Design

The Portal is based upon several modules that can be installed in your dashboard


With certain modules you can customize your Dashboard easily with just what you need

Our Best Propositions for You!

When you are listing and selling your code on Clipped Code you will be getting a better platform to sell your work and with extensible dashboard thanks to our variety of modules. Best thing is that all of it is free!

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Awesome Features

Best Experience

We are built on ease and variety of features therefore tending towards making your experience neither great, nor awesome, not even best but Bestest

Fast and Simple

We had setup everything from registration to submitting new product for listing on our shop to be Fast and Simple. Even the Product moderation is quick for you to get selling quickly.

Simple Dashboard

We made the Dashboard as Simple as Possible because we know how precious your time is. Also proper docs and support are provided. You will simply love the simplicity.

Fluent API

APIs are very important to interact with the platform when you want by using different protocols. APIs are also available to easily integrate, and Fluently work outside the portal using our service.

Best in Industry

Industry Leading features provided through unique modules. Many features that makes developing and selling your work easily online. Modules like Road maps make it easy for you to plan your next update.


Easily installable cloud based and inspired modules to quickly add a service to your dashboard with a one-click install. There are both free and paid modules so you only pay for what you use. Most of them are free.









App Screenshots

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